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Paan Tutti Frutti

Paan is enjoyed all over the world and especially in India, we are rooted to give you a taste you will never forget will remind you of eating a natural Calcutta Mitha Paan.

Premghan Paan

Premghan paan is our new offering in economy series maintaining all aspects of quality and taste.

Gulkand Tutty Frutty

Who doesn’t like Tutty fruity on top of their Icecream or desserts these treats define the taste of childhood for many of us. They are made from papaya and are a good treat for kids. Even as an adult you are sure to enjoy these.Tutti frutti is an Italian sweet made with cut fruits that have been candy-coated or dried to protect it. The natural product is usually brilliantly shaded with different colors to make it all the more outwardly intriguing, and it might be utilized in an assortment of ways.

Gulkund Meetha Masala

Gulkund in Dry Form

We are using very decent flavor of rose which give you basic taste of gulkund. In this mouthfreshner we use khopra ,khajur, tutty fruity, sugar crystal and rose petals that’s gives you complete test of natural gulkund.

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Paan Lacha Mitha Masala

Our Paan lacha is different from the Paan mix as this gives you a more exotic & complex flavor. Also, it gives you the feel of complete satisfaction and the user feels the best as it consists of betelnuts as well and is more inclined towards Benarsi Paan.