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PremGhan Products Was founded in 2005 in a small way. From a humble beginning, PremGhan Products today has emerged into the main player in the mouth freshener industry aiming equally for customer health & taste. Managed by a professional and dynamic team. PremGhan Products is now among the fastest-growing company in this segment. We have a wide variety of products including Supari, Alsee, Amla, Saunf, Tutti Frutti &wide variety of mouth freshener.

As a reputed company, PremGhan Products has always paid high attention to quality control and consumer satisfaction. To achieve this, we are ensuring proper testing of raw materials, regular training of employees, stringent production processes and internal quality audits.

Our slogan is

कुछ नया, कुछ अलग स्वाद देने की ज़िद...

We are always continuously working on this to give new and innovative products in the market We have a presence in major states in India. Soon we are expanding new markets, new products and new varieties.

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